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GreatFelt Greatness

A Play By:
Eden Ulnik
GreatFelt Greatness

Written & Directed by: Eden Ulnik
Co-Directed by: Hannah Smith
Assistant Direction & Dramaturgy By: Grace Solokow

Eden Ulnik
Hannah Smith
Arina Anas
Victoria Stark
Kai Osborne
Rolly Barry
Wai Liu

Al Green Theatre: July 5th – 14th

GreatFelt Greatness: An Introduction

Once upon a boundlessness… cosmic Creators were creating their greatest creations. They created planets and creatures and miracles. Amongst all these successful Creators there was one with a burning heart and wild imagination who tried and tried. However, creating is a difficult task! Especially, when others see you as weird, when it’s hard to speak, difficult to read and impossible to write. When others think you’re too slow. Lazy. Distracting. Different. And yet all you want – is to be loved and to be able to create your greatest creations.

Despite all odds, you are unstoppable, your passion, your creativity leads the beings towards your masterpiece. They follow you till the end. Your end. Their end. Are you allowed to make mistakes? Do you deserve a second chance? You fly towards the sun and you are happy with no regrets. You know – it was just the first try. Creo – a young, ambitious creator that is adamant about the idea of saving the solar system they created.

Follow Creo’s embarking upon a new creations! Will Sun approve? Will the powers that be accept Creo’s innovative creation? Or will unforeseen forces threaten to destroy everything they’ve built? Get ready for a show unlike any other that will take audiences through a multitude of galaxies and experiences. Can you handle this journey through the universe? Come see Great Felt Greatness and find out!


All performances of GreatFelt Greatness will include:

Mentions of death or violence towards the characters
Audience Participation (Spoken only)


5th July4:15pmPreviewTickets
6th July6:00pmTickets
8th July9:45pmRelaxed PerformanceTickets
10th July6:00pmTickets
11th July2:00pmRelaxed PerformanceTickets
13th July7:45pmTickets
14th July2:15pmTickets